Crappie caught at Navarro Mills Lake, Texas
Another beautiful sunset at Navarro Mills Lake, Texas
Navarro Mills Lake Marina in Liberty Hill Park - Dawson, Texas
Navarro Mills Lake Marina
18500 FM 709 N, Dawson, Texas 76639   (254) 578-1131
Fishing Information
Quit Wishing, Go Fishing!
Species of Fish:
Crappie (White & Black)
Catfish (Blue, Channel & Flathead)
Bass (Black Largemouth & White)
Angling Oppurtunity courtesy Texas Parks and Wildlife

For more fishing information, visit the
Texas Parks & Wildlife website:
Texas Parks & Wildlife Link
Fence Rows
There are submerged fence rows lined with
trees in the western portion of the lake.

Tin Horn
A metal drainage culvert referred to as the
tin horn is located near Wolf Creek Park.  
This is a good fishing area to catch crappie.

Marina's Fishing Dock
The Marina's Fishing Dock is covered and
lighted and has comfortable chairs.  The
area is chock-full of submerged brush.

Crappie Point
The free fishing pier in Liberty Hill Park is
referred to as Crappie Point.  

Sand Bar
There is a shallow sand bar between Oak
Park and Wolf Creek Park that hold and
attract sand bass.
Photos of Richland Creek Bridge taken
shortly after the dam was completed in 1963  
Richland Creek Bridge
The old Richland Creek bridge is located off of
the main entrance boat ramp in Liberty Hill
Park.  It is a concrete structure that measures
120 feet in length.  At normal pool level, the
bridge is 17 feet deep.  

Concrete Water Intake
The old concrete water intake abandoned by
the city of Dawson is located near the Marina
in Liberty Hill Park.  Shad, bass and crappie
can be found here.

Old Richland Creek Bed
The old creek bed of Richland Creek is lined
with timber and attract catfish and post spawn

Standing Timber
There is timber throughout the south west
portion of the lake and across from the Marina
where the state record crappie was caught.

Submerged Tanks
Some of the farmland prior to the lake being
built had tanks on them.  These deeper
pockets of cooler water is a good place to find
blue catfish.

Ash, White Rock and Richland Creek feed the
lake from the western side of the lake.  Good
numbers of catfish and crappie are attracted to
the creeks after a rain.  

The aerator is located in front of the flood
gates and is a good place to catch shad, bass
and catfish.

The rocks  along the dam provides good
fishing year round.  During the spawn, crappie
are close to the rocks in shallow water.  In
warmer months, crappie are 12-15 feet deep.   

Spillway Basin
The spillway basin is located below the dam
and is a good place to catch yellow catfish on
a rod and reel.  

Old Boat House
The area that used to house the Ranger's
boat is located near the swimming area of the
Oak Park Day Use.  There is no longer a boat
house but the area continues to be a hot spot
for crappie.
Marina (Liberty Hill)
Year Round
Liberty Hill Park
    Year Round
24 hours
Oak Park
    Year Round
24 hours
Wolf Creek
    April - Sept.
24 hours
Spillway Basin
    Year Round
24 hours
Spillway Basin below Navarro Mills
Lake Dam.  Photo courtesy of U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers
Covered and lighted fishing dock at
the Marina in Liberty Hill Park
Bluff at Liberty Hill Park

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